About Us

Since 2010, the Supply Chain Division of Shenzhen Asia-Joy International Trading Co.,Ltd has been committed to providing customers with customized supply chain services.

As the customers’ purchasing representative in Asia, our services including new product design and development, supplier selection, sample approval, quality control, multiple transportation methods to door and inventory management. So far we have provided one-stop supply chain solutions for more than 50 overseas customers. Many customers rank among the top in the world in the field of industrial products/consumer products. For all the major customers, we have established long-term cooperation with them, more than 80% of our works come from repeate business.

Our vendor base covers multiple fields such as Oil/Gas treatment pacakge EPC, Onshore/Offshore structual fabrication, Precision Machining products, Automobiles, Hardware etc.We continue using new technologies to iterate products and services to adapt to the changing trend of global industrial division of labor.

Our value is that we always stand in customer’s perspective, understanding customer’s demand, fulfilling our commitment, providing customers with high quality services, and using our expertise to achieve common value.

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